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                             WHAT IS HOSTED IPPBX ?

Hosted IP-PBX is a fully-managed, enterprise-grade telephone system that utilizes IP cloud technology, to provide business class voice services and connect your business to the public domain without the costs and restrictions of a traditional PBX telephone system.

PBX” means Private Branch Exchange, the kind of legacy phone system equipment used by most businesses.

Hosted” simply means that we own and maintain the network and equipment for you.

Hosted IPPBX is the term used to describe the digital (VOIP voice over IP) telephone system for voice communication that resides “in the cloud”. These IPPBX telephony systems act as if they are located inside your office premises, when in fact instead they are managed from our external IP data center.

Easyvoice Hosted IPPBX is the very latest, next generation business phone system that will provide your  business everything it needs to be streamlined and efficient in terms of your voice communications. All of the  maintenance, support, equipment, installation and updates are all handled by Easyvoice. We offer a full turnkey  managed solution, with very low capital expenses, and is extremely easy to set up and use. It’s the economical answer for businesses that want to replace their out-of-date legacy equipment or businesses that need to expand or upgrade their current voice communications services.

With the EasyvVoice Hosted IPPBX system, there’s no extensive equipment to set up, maintain or upgrade. You just plug in your IP phones and get the most reliable, feature-rich business phone system, instantly. All for one very low monthly fee.

  • ELIMINATE HASSLES. No complex equipment to set up or maintain.
  • INFINITELY SCALABLE. Add more users instantly with just a phone call.
  • REDUCE COSTS. Save big over traditional PBX phone systems.
  • QUICK SET UP. Just plug in your phones and you’re ready to go.
  • NO EXPERTS REQUIRED. No need to hire additional technical staff, or expensive support contracts.
  • PICK UP AND GO. Use and move your phone system anywhere, anytime you require.


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