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Calling features that set your business apart

Every day businesses from small to large corporations, are switching their business phone systems to 10280408-3d-small-person-with-big-positive-symbol-in-hands--3d-image-isolated-white-backgroundEasyvoice Hosted IPPBX Phone Solutions. Why? Because when you switch to Easyvoice Hosted you’ve got over 30+ built-in calling features enabling your business to do much more than nay traditional PBX phone system can do. And thanks to the VoIP Revolution, all of these features are housed and hosted in the cloud instead of your closet.

Take a look and explore our list of standard, and premium features below and imagine the possibilities when you move your business phone system over to Easyvoice.

Included Standard Features

One Unified Number

With Easyvoice Hosted PBX, your company can present one unified central phone number. All of your employees, no matter if their in a main central office, branch offices, working from home offices, or traveling-are all reachable through your main number.

Emergency 911 Service

Easyvoice offers full 911 emergency service on all it’s services.


Caller ID, Name & Number

Our service supports full Caller ID, with name and number display. This is a very useful and important feature which is why we offer Caller ID as part of our core phone service package.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is a powerful feature that helps you and your employees stay connected. All your calls can be forwarded to any phone anywhere so that business calls are never missed.

Call Waiting

When you’re on the phone, Call Waiting will quietly beep in the background to notify you about that another incoming call. You can use this feature to ask your caller to hold, or to send the incoming call to your voicemail.

Call Transfer

Our Hosted PBX service makes it easy to transfer calls and connect workers, no matter where they are located. To transfer a call, you simply press the call transfer button on your IP Phone and dial the extension or number of the party to whom you wish to transfer the call. Our  system allows both “Blind” and “Attended” transfers, meaning that you can transfer the call with or without speaking with the other person first. Once the call is transferred, simply hang up the phone.

Caller Screening

Caller Screening is a feature that enables you to control the call before it’s answered. Incoming callers are prompted to record their name, and when your phone rings the name is played with a list of options. You can send the call to voicemail or transfer it even before you answer it! This can be a very useful feature. 

Caller ID Block

Block your caller ID on outbound calls.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb allows all calls to your extension/line to be blocked, callers go directly to voicemail when you don’t want to be disturbed.

Call Park

Call Park allows you to “Park” a call in a “holding spot” and have the call retrieved by another extension on the system.

Call/Service Continuity

Automatic Call Rerouting in the Event of an Emergency.

In the event of a service outage such as a power failure or an Internet outage, during which Easyvoice is unable to connect to your IP phones, our Call/Service Continuity feature will automatically reroute all your calls to a backup number of your choice.  Additionally, this service feature has been designed to detect when your phone loses its connection with the Easyvoice network. So if you ever do experience a power or Internet outage, all your calls will be automatically rerouted to a specified backup number. This feature is invaluable, and really provides peace of mind. It is provided as part of the Easyvoice Hosted IPPBX system.

Find Me / Follow Me

All Your Calls to Multiple Numbers, Ringing in any Sequence.  Find Me/Follow Me is a great feature for business persons or employees who find themselves out of the office, but need to stay connected and not miss any calls.

The Find-Me/Follow-Me feature allows you select multiple locations to dial when someone calls your number or extension. You can specify it to call any number, anywhere, the system will call all these numbers at the same time, or in any sequence that you prefer. This feature allows you to always be able to receive all your calls without having to worry about where you are physically located. This is a very powerful communications feature, included with the Easyvoice Hosted PBX.

Conference Calling

Conference calling is used to connect multiple calling parties together at once from your phone. Easyvoice Hosted PBX  supports up to 4 parties on the same call form your IP Phone. For a larger number of participants, you could consider our Conference Bridge service. This is an add on feature service. 

Ring or Hunt Groups

In a Ring Group, also called a Hunt Group, calls can be forwarded to a group of extensions. Ring groups allow you to create virtual departments within your company. Ring/Hunt groups make it easy to create these virtual departments by selecting specific extensions within the group to ring simultaneously on inbound calls. 


The Easyvoice Hosted PBX  Voicemail feature allows you to securely check your messages from anywhere, anytime. 

Each extension comes with its own voicemail box, allowing secure access to messages. You can check messages from your IP Phone, or your mobile device. This voicemail box can play different welcome messages for different situations, such as on holidays or when you are out of the office. It can also be programmed to send your voicemails to email. 

Voicemail To Email

Receive all your voicemail as an .mp3 file (audio file) attached to your email. 

Voicemail to Email is a Easyvoice Hosted PBX feature that allows you to listen to your messages from a computer, in addition to your phone. Every person with extension/line can select the email address of their choice where they’d like to receive their voicemails. When a message is received, an email notification is automatically sent to the that email address as an MP3 ( audio file) attachment of the message. The MP3 files can be saved permanently in email folders for reference or record keeping.

Multiple Devices / Extension

You can use up to three different phones/devices on the same Easyvoice Hosted PBX extension.

The Easyvoice Hosted PBX system can handle multiple calls on many different devices. You can connect and use up to three different phones/devices  on the same extension (e.g., connect your IP Phone at the office, or your softphone on your laptop, or your mobile phone). You can use the same phone number, the same voicemail box, and the same extension for all your registered phones or devices all at no additional cost!

  • No more lugging your phone around with you.
  • No more plugging and unplugging the phone you’re not using.
  • No more doing business with your cell phone when you’re out of the office.

This truly allows you to work from anywhere. 

Local Number Portabilty

Keep Your Current Company Number

Easyvoice offers Local Number Portability (LNP), so that you don’t have to worry about switching your current number over to get a better phone service provider.

We’ll Take Care of Porting for You

Local Number Portabilty, or porting your number simply refers to the transferring of a phone number from one telecom service provider to another. It is a process that requires a letter of authorization (LOA) from your Company and a copy of a current bill to establish the owner of the number. Therefore to port a number, you must be the owner of that number, and it must be in active standing with your current service provider.

Our porting department is dedicated to ensuring that porting numbers from other telecom providers is a smooth and seamless process, so that your business can continue as usual. We can usually port your number in under 10 days. So you don’t have to let the worry of losing your exsiting number hold you back from getting a better phone service.  


Music On Hold

Music on Hold feature is a very important part of indicating to your callers that you are a professional company. 

Easyvoice offers music on hold as a free feature, included with every account. You can easily set and change the music your customers hear at any time. In addition to the standard included music, Easyvoice customers also have the option of uploading their own customized recording of custom music or promotional information.  Adding your own on-hold music is a great way to personalize the experience your customers get.


Full Mobile Functionallity

Full functionality of your business phone from anywhere31000104-mobile-devices-smartphone-and-tablet-pc-on-white-isolated-background-3d

Easyvoice Hosted PBX  has a mobile VOIP App for the iPhone and Android phones that allows you to have all the efficiency and flexibility of your hosted business phone system on the road wherever you go, anytime.  Now you can conduct business from anywhere, and stay connected without missing a call.  This service is included free on your Easyvoice Hosted extension/line. To get more info on this free feature simply follow this link  https://www.easyvoice.ca/mobile-voip



Dial-by-Name Directory

Dial-By-Name directory allows a caller to enter the first or last name of an employee and be transferred to the correct person. It is common for callers to your company to not be aware of the extension number of an employee. With the Dial-By-Name directory customers simply enters the first or last name of an employee and they will be transferred to them immediately. 
The dial-by-name directory is particularly useful for larger organizations in which it’s not practical to manually record the name of every employee and their extension. This feature is a function of the auto-attendant.


Day / Night Mode

Day /Night  mode allows you to route calls differently based on the day and/or time. For example, you can easily send calls to different hunt groups such as an after-hours sales team and a regular hour sales team. You can use this feature to play different auto-attendant greetings and options depending on the time of day. This feature is part of the Auto-Attendant


Free Calls Between Staff

Easyvoice Hosted PBX enables you to make free calls to other employees by just dialing their extension. It does not matter Telework-300x225where that employee is physically located – you will not incur any costs to call them. It makes no difference if the employee is across the country, or in another country, you can still dial their extension and speak to them for free, as if they were in the same office.


Multiple Offices Presence

The Easyvoice Hosted PBX is a completely virtual service, which gives the ability to connect multiple offices together as if 18783986-3d-people--man-person-with-the-world-mapthey were one location. This allows you to dial employees’ extensions directly, as if they were in the same office, no matter where they are physically located.

You also have the option of having a different local phone number for each office, to give your company a local presence – but your customers can still reach any of your employees at any office, no matter which local number they dial. 

The feature also allows you to have employees working from home, in different regions of the country, or even overseas. Because Easyvoice Hosted PBX is a completely virtual service it allows you to connect all your offices together so that your company can function as one big entity. 


Paging / Intercom

The Paging/Intercom feature allows you to use the built in speaker of your IP Phone to page any number of  extensions at the same time. You will instantly be heard over the loudspeaker of each person’s telephone even if the other employees are in remote locations. 

Very Low Hardware Costs

Traditional hardware PBX solutions can be very expensive to purchase and install. Dollar sign

With Easyvoice Hosted PBX, the hardware costs are much, much lower. One of the main reasons for reduced costs is that the traditional PBX “box,” which can typically costs thousands of dollars for an on-site PBX, is hosted by Easyvoice in our data centers, so as a result, companies do not have to purchase the on-site PBX system, saving thousands.
Now of course you will need devices for connecting to the Easyvoice network to make and receive calls. Easyvoice offers savings in this area as well. Hosted IP phones are available but are not always required; some customers use our Hosted through Soft Phones, used on their computers or existing analog phones connected to adapters that connect to the Easyvoice Hosted network. These other options can further reduce your upfront equipment costs, or even eliminate them entirely.

Soft Phones

A Soft Phone is basically a telephone that runs on your computer as an application program using a headset and speaker.ScreenshotV2 This allows you to make and receive calls using your computer over the internet from anywhere. A softphone gives you basically all of the features that a physical IP phone can give you.  It lets you place callers on hold, transfer calls, use multiple lines and even call other employees by dialing their extensions. The Easyvoice Hosted PBX is compatible with popular soft phones such as X-Lite, Eyebeam, Bria, Zoiper, and Zoiper Biz.

Soft phones are very popular, and can deliver big cost savings. New start-ups or businesses in which cost control is important can use free versions of soft phones to help keep costs down.

Premium Features

The following are considered Premium Add On Features.  They are provided at an extra monthly cost. 

Easyvoice Auto-Attendant

The Easyvoice Auto Attendant or Virtual Receptionist,  acts as an automated receptionist or virtual receptionist. An 20461786-reception-classic-reception-with-3-clocks-receptionist-talking-on-headsetauto-attendant is a prerecorded “menu” system that can be used to direct callers to different departments or employees within your company.

It can be set up in a number of ways to help streamline inbound calls for information that is commonly requested, such as business address, hours of operation, and more. It can handle callers during business hours or outside of regular business hours.  

It also gives you the ability to forward calls to other extensions, other phone lines such as a cell phone, and a whole host of other features, all included in the monthly price. Our auto-attendant feature is highly customizable and can be modified and scaled to meet the needs of any business application.

This feature is an optional feature of the Easyvoice Hosted PBX system. The cost of this feature is only $25 per month



Call Queuing

The Call Queuing  feature allows your business to manage incoming call volume in an more orderly way.32102584-employees-working-in-a-call-center-3d-image-white-background

This feature queues all your incoming calls and directs them to agents as they become available. It gives you the ability to play music, advertising, or other messages while callers are waiting on hold for the next available agent. It can seamlessly integrate with your existing Easyvoice Hosted PBX. 

The service is charged at $14.95 per user, and is totally unlimited

Conference Bridge

Easyvoice Hosted PBX technology supports a conference bridge, a conference service that can hold 14802360-3d-people--human-character-person-at-a-round-conference-table-with-chairs-business-meeting--3d-rendeconference calls for up to 50 people.

Our audio conference bridge service allows you to hold conference calls for up to 50 participants. It is an easy service to configure. Each conference bridge has a dedicated number and an be password protected, or not. It can be a great addition to your hosted PBX service.

The service is charged on a flat rate basis, and there are no per minute charges. The service starts from
$39.95 per month unlimited usage for up to 5 users


Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Numbers allow you to be reached by anyone in the US and Canada without the caller incurring any long distance 17934696-little-man-waiting-for-an-important-callcharges.

With a Toll Free number businesses can present a more professional presence to their potential customers. Toll free numbers indicate to your customers that your company wants you to call them. With a toll free number, you only pay a low per minute rate  when someone calls your toll free number. 

A toll free number is only $4 per month and 5 cents per minute for any inbound call.

Company Call Recording Service

Automatically record company phone calls and save them securely.  8188027-3d-man-support-center-isolated-on-white

This feature service allows you to automatically record all calls on each users your account. It gives you unlimited recording time. The service can be set up to record each inbound call automatically, or on a per call basis, depending on the users preference and needs.

The service is just $49.95 for up to 20 users.

On Demand Call Recording Service

Record calls with the stoke of a key.  12619749-3d-businessman-on-the-phone--isolated-over-a-white-background

Record calls on your own extension with a simple keystroke. Record what you want, when you want.  Record directly from your phone. Useful for information accuracy and protecting your employees.

The service is just $49.95 for up to 20 users.



Local or Geographic Number

Give your business a local presence in any market.4182626-a-map-of-north-america-with-a-network-of-people-standing-atop-it

You can get a local number in any any area code, or geographic area with Easyvoice Hosted PBX.  So your business is in Toronto and you want to establish a local presence in Vancouver, and have a local presence in Vancouver. However, you can easily add more, at a low fixed-rate cost and with no limits on the amount of incoming calls. You can select your new local numbers from our thousands of rate centres across North America. The number of local numbers you can have with Easyvoice Hosted PBX is limitless!

The price for each Local virtual number is $9.95