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Benefits of an IPPBX Hosted Phone System

Cost Effective, Flexible and Easy

An Easyvoice Hosted IPPBX system is very cost effective, and can you save your company hundreds, even thousands per year. New extensions/lines can be easily added to your hosted phone system, and there is no hardware to maintain on your end. All of your lines/extensions will always be updated with the latest software and features

Big Cost savings

3d man cost savings bubblePerhaps the number one reason why businesses decide to switch to Easyvoice’s Hosted IPPBX phone system is due to its very low cost, both upfront and ongoing. For one low monthly flat fee per user/extension, your business can cut its costs by anywhere from a minimum of 40%, up to as much as 80% over a traditional standard PBX phone system. And for many businesses, both small and large, that’s very hard to ignore.

Flexibility to Grow as Needed, Anytime

14868898-3d-people--man-person-to-marker-word-like-itThe Easyvoice Hosted IPPBX solution is a no contract service. This means that you simply subscribe to our service on a month to month basis, and there are no yearly contracts ever. You don’t have to worry about being tied down with a contract just to get superior pricing.  There isn’t even any up front equipment to buy or lease, except for the IP Phones themselves, and even the IP phones are available on a monthly rental plan, so there is almost 100% no upfront costs to your business. Our goal is to help small businesses grow, because when you succeed, we do too!

Business-Class Features

3d person check listThe Easyvoice IPPBX hosted service includes business-class features – much like features found on a traditional large PBX phone system; however, you only pay a low monthly flat rate fee, for unlimited calling to Canada and the US, and all the business class features are included at no extra charge. Features such as Caller name and number ID, call forwarding, call waiting, 4 way conference calling. Your business can really benefit from big savings and increased functionality by using the power and flexibility of a hosted IPPBX phone system. Call today to find out more and get a quote.

Total Geographic Flexibility

15801405-social-network-3d-little-human-character-x9-sitting-with-tablet-computers-in-a-circle-around-the-gloThe Easyvoice Hosted IPPBX phone system allows complete geographic flexibility. It can give your business the capability to have more than one office connected to the main phone system. It allows multiple office locations to operate as one on the same system. You simply plug in your IP phone into your internet connection wherever you are and you have seamless service as part of your main phone system.


  • Extension dialing between different office locations. Allows branch locations to appear as part of the main phone system.
  • Retain the same numbers when moving between offices, no matter your geographic location.
  • Distributed call centers and hunt groups.
  • Forward voicemails between your offices.
  • Seamless work-at-home / teleworker capabilities
  • Road-warrior productivity features (e.g., Find-Me / Follow-Me)

Total Mobility, Full functionality of your business line from your Mobile phone anywhere

31285574-mobile-devices-smartphone-and-tablet-pc-on-white-isolated-background-3dThe Easyvoice Hosted IPPBX system provides your company users with a Mobile VoIP app for the iPhone and Android mobile phones. This convenient mobile app helps you take the efficiency and flexibility of your hosted IPPBX phone system on the road with you where you may be. It allows you to have your office extension or line available on your mobile phone and be able to accept and make calls from your mobile anytime and anywhere, and stay connected without missing a call. This feature is included free with the Easyvoice Hosted IPPBXMore info

Teleworking with Hosted IPPBX, Gives your employees the ability to work from anywhere.

1395909024_telework-300x225Teleworking, is becoming increasingly common today for businesses looking to cut their costs. With their employees working from home, small to mid-sized businesses can cut costs on overhead, and reduce the amount of time and productivity lost to commuting. One of the most important systems that allow teleworking is the communication system that gives employees this flexibility. Easyvoice IPPBX phone system makes teleworking simple and affordable for businesses.An IPPBX phone system from Easyvoice doesn’t require any equipment on your end. We host all the necessary equipment off site. Teleworkers simply require a high speed Internet connection, and your employees can all be connected to the main company phone system, no matter where they are located. This means they can make and receive calls from their company number, and are accessible from the main phone menu via extension dialing, and transferring calls to other employees within the company.With IPPBX hosted phone systems, you can work from anywhere around the world. As long as there is access to an internet connection, you can plug your phone into your Internet connection and it’s as if you’re working from your office, anytime, anywhere!

Mission Critical Fault Tolerance

network_redundancyPhone system downtime costs you money and productivity. If your PBX phone system can’t route calls to you, that can be devastating to your business.  Many less expensive phone systems (both traditional hardware based and hosted systems) are built with little or no plan for fault tolerance. If any component of the system fails, you’re out of business.The Easyvoice system incorporates total redundancy with automatic failover systems throughout our network to assure minimum downtime. When we have a component failure, that part of the system is automatically isolated and removed from use, and calls are instantly rolled over to working equipment. We assure over 99% system reliability.

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Contact us today to get more info or to get a detailed quote on how we can help your company get the latest Hosted Phone system with no upfront investment needed and save you up to 70% on your current monthly costs