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Long Distance
Switch to EasyVoice LD and call anywhere in North America from just 3¢ per minute and just 4¢ to over 60 countries in the world. Cut your costs and save big with our fantastic long distance plan. more ...
Phone Service
Get EasyVoice Digital line for your Home or Business and get a reliable and high-quality phone line at a fraction of a traditional phone line,from only $14.95 per mthNow includes a line free for your Mobile phone or device!!  more ...
Mobile LD
Connect with your family & friends with our worry free long distance savings plan for your mobile phone or devices at the same great rate as our regular LD service. SAVE OVER 80% ON ALL YOUR LONG DISTANCE CALLS   more ...

Who are we?

We are a Canadian Telecom Company specializing in consumer and business services.

We understand the need for Canadians to have low priced, innovative telecom solutions.

Our mission: Telephone Freedom

You no longer over pay for services!

You now have a choice.
We give you a reliable service at unbeatable prices. Our years in the telecommunications business has helped make us valuable to our customers in businesses and homes who share a common interest... Saving money on their telecom needs!

Our primary services include:

  • Per minute & flat rate
  • Long distance on your existing phone lines
  • Per minute & flat rate long distance calling for your mobile
  • Local line phone service using VoIP
  • Toll free numbers