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To be able to use the Easyvoice Mobile VOIP service on an Android mobile device you need to download  and install a mobile VOIP application that will connect to our network and allow you to use the service.  We recommend 2 different apps that we have tested and used with very good success.  They are:

Media5-fone for Android devices (free)


The Media5-fone® for Android™ is a softphone application that runs on Android v2.1 and higher smartphones. It is a SIP Client (softphone) that enables users to make and receive VoIP calls. VoIP calls are calls established over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection using the IP technology of the Media5-fone. The Media 5 app is very reliable, with excellent quality, very easy to install and configure and works great.


ACROBITS Mobile VoIP APP for Android Mobile devices ($6.49)


Acrobits VOIP Softphone for Android mobile devices, the very reliable, very easy to configure SIP VOIP client for the Android platform. Very simple to set up and designed especially for ease of use, Acrobits Softphone is the best option for VoIP users on Android mobile devices. Use the same excellent SIP client that iPhone users have been relying on. Carry your office line or extension with you wherever you go. Use VoIP over 3G or Wi-Fi instead of your cellular minutes and save money.